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For the first two days it is recommended you do the following...(we advise you to try and stick to it for up

to three days if you can.)

1. Wear your hair down. 2. Wear a silk scarf to keep hair away from your face. 3. Blow dry and flat iron your hair straight if it gets wet. 4. Upon waking, you must straighten kinks away.


For the first two days don’t do the following... 1. Do not wash or wet your hair. 2. Do not tie your hair into a ponytail or use hair bands. 3. Do not use hair clips or place your hair behind ears. 4. Do not use sunglasses to hold your hair back. 5. Do not use any hair products e.g. gels, sprays etc. 6. Avoid activities that may cause sweating.

Sunday January 24th

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Aftercare Instructions